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The Vendo 39 is one of the most recognized soda machine from the 1950s era.

Produced by the Vendo company, the V-39 came in three versions.

The first version had "Ice Cold" embossed along the bottom of the cabinet door and the cabinet and had two ventilation vents on either side.

The second version was produced around 1955 and featured the new two-tone paint scheme of red with a white top. At the same time the front embossed "Ice Cold" logo was removed and the "Vendo" logo in the lower right corner was added. The cabinet also changed by adding additional vents on either side.

The third version was produced in the later years and included a vending drum that could vend the larger 12oz bottles. These versions were also red and white however the "Vendo" logo was removed from the lower right hand corner.

 The words "Drink Coca-Cola in bottles" and "Ice Cold" are embossed on the front. Hand painted "Have A Coke" will be located on the sides.

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