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Vendo 144

The Vendo 144 is one of the largest vendors around which tends to take away from its value.

The early versions, produced before 1956, were painted all red with a masonite sign mounted on the front.

The later models, produced after 1955, were painted with the new "Two Tone" paint scheme. Ice berg white on the top and Coka Cola red on the Bottom.I read somewhere that the Ice berg white was supposed to represent the cooling natural goodnes of Coke. Also, the later models sign changed to a metal that stated "Refresh Yourself".

The Vendo-144 was known as an automatic vendor which meant that once the correct change was deposited, the machine would automaticaly vend Ice Cold sodas!!!

In addition to the 144A and 144E, Vendo also produced a 3 selection version known as the 144MD.


Serves 144 Bottles
Years Produced
Precools 87 Bottles
1952 - 1959
Electric Yes
Depth 18 "
Collectible Scale 1-5
Width 32 1/2"
Height 77 3/4"
Rarity Scale 1-5
Weight 450 LBS
Serial Number Range 







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