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Vendo 56

The Vendo-56 is listed as one of the "Top 10" machines for good reason.. First it is a glass door "Slant Shelf" machine which means it can vend all sorts of drinks in various bottle sizes. Next it came in the two tone paint scheme - White Top - Red Bottom. Another popular feature of the 56 is its small size and weight. Just like the Vendo 44 & 81, Cavalier 56 & 96, aVendo 56 can be hard to find and expensive to purchase.

It came embossed with "Drink Coca-Cola in Bottles on the top. Down below it was embossed "Vendo" in lower left. On the sides the words "Have a Coke" were painted on.

If you own it keep it!! Enjoy It!! Show it Off!!


Serves 56 Bottles
Years Produced
Precools 14 Bottles
1958 - 1959
Electric Yes
Depth 18 3/4"
Collectible Scale 1-5
Width 25"
Height 52"
Rarity Scale 1-5
Weight 321 LBS
Serial Number Range 







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