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Vendo 81

Vendo-81A - The first models came out all red with the "Coca-Cola" logo slightly off center. These are referred to as a V-81A. This version is the least common of the V-81's.

Vendo-81B- Had a "centered" "Coca-Cola" logo and was painted with the familiar "White Top". These two versions of the V-81 are frequently called "Small Door" 81's due to the small coin door like on the V-39

Vendo-81D - Was known as the later version and came with a larger coin door that housed a coin changer that would give change if needed.

           The Vendo 81 is not just a classic Coke machine - Its an investment. Over the past five years I have watched the average price of a Vendo 81 climb from $1200.00 to well over $4500.00. Years ago they were plentifull but now they are extremely hard to find outside of the collector or dealer circles. Most have been restored and a lucy few are too nice for restoration. All the rest are usually missing the coin mechs or coin doors. As you probably already know this is one of the most sought after machines of all times. Maybe its becuase it lights up like the jukeboxes, or perhaps it because it can server more than just cola, or maybe it just brings back those childhood memories.
Whatever the reason this is one sharp, hard to find, and a true investment.

If you find one that is not a Coke-Cola brand then it is most likely a VMC-81. You will only find the Vendo-81 with the Coca-Cola logo but the VMC-81 was manufactured as Pepsi, 7-Up, Dr. Pepper and Royal Crown (extreamly rare).

If you own one take my advice ...Keep it!! Enjoy It!! Show it Off!!If you are serious about collecting, and you want an investment grade machine, this is the one to own!

Serves 81 Bottles
Years Produced
Precools 17 Bottles
Mid 1950's - Late 1950's
Electric Yes
Length 27"
Collectible Scale 1-5
Width 16"
Red Hot!
Height 58"
Rarity Scale 1-5
Weight 290 lbs
Serial Number Range 






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