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Covering Antique Soda Machines - Coke Pepsi Dr Pepper 7up Rc Cola vendo mills cavalier westinghouse jacobs victor ideal and others.
Restoration Projects
Project # 6


Matt Carter
Email MCdkcarter1@excite.com
Machine: Cavalier 51
Original Condition Poor - Major Rust, dents,etc
Original Purchase Price $300.00




When I got this thing home I completly washed all the dirt and old soda off. Once this was done I waited about two months to research the history and the restoration manuals that would help further me along.

Sanding Striping

Completly sand blasted this thing and stated to remove all parts and screws.

Sandblasting done!



Repaired all dents and filled in all holes with a mig welder and finish sanding area of needed repair. The inner door liner was rusted out. So i had to make a new inner line on my cnc machine at work.


After stripping the paint, I Applied 5 coats of auto motive primer to the cabinet and started to look for any possible runs.


Well the fun part begins....I painted this eight times with ppg omni MAE70094A red paint. The inner parts were painted with a paint called Hammerite Silver about six coats were applied.


The decals were the hardest thing to do. I ended up remaking all the decals inside the machine. The outside decals were hand painted like the oringal lettering was done back then.


Replaced the outer door gasket with new one



Replated all the old pieces so they look like new!


The coin mech was complete when I got it . The only thing i did was wash it in WD-40

Cooling System

The old one didn't work. So Ireplace it with a R-134 compressor leaving the evapator and existing fan in place.


Rewired the whole thing for safety than anything else.



This was my first time restoring a soda machine. Total time from start to finish nine months. If you have question please drop me a line and I will try to help the best I can.





Matt - You did an amazing job restoring this machine. Thanks for sharing your restoration project with our readers. - Ed








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