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Cola Machines :: Service Manuals :: Dixie Narco :: Dixie Narco Service Manual Instant Download Version

Dixie Narco Service Manual Instant Download Version
Dixie Narco Service Manual Instant Download Version 

These are reproduction copies of the original service manual including sections on repair, refrigeration, coin mechs, wiring, installation, and more. The download versions are exactly the same as the printed manuals except you are sent a link to download everything you need instantly. Once downloaded to your computer you can easily view, zoom, and print any page. If you don't have a printer you can simply take the files to any print shop such as Kinko's and have them print the manuals for you. Average printing cost at Kinko's is around 7 cents per page. Money back guarantee if not satisfied!

Covers models DN 168-5, DN 240-5, DN 276-5, DN 330-5, DN 320-7, DN 368-7, DN 440-7, DN 99-5, DN 138-5, DN 162-5, DN 189-5, DN 184-5, DN 216-7, DN 252-7 and other DN models

Each order includes the following manuals

  • Cola Machine Service Manuall = Complete service manual for your machine as described above.
  • Coin Mech Manuals = Everything you ever wanted to know about your mech including how to clean, repair, and change the price. Includes manuals for both the Coinco and National Rejector series of mechs. Covers both the electric and non-electric versions.
  • Refinishing Guide = Restoration guide that was included with the original service manuals. Shows you how the cola companies restored the machines.
  • Vendo Serial Numbers = List of known serial number ranges for the older machines
  • Refrigeration Manuals = Great guides to help resolve cooling problems.
  • Updated Paint Codes= Updated list of restoration paint colors and codes to use for your machine.


Price: $18.95

Quantity 1 (this product is downloadable)

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